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Exercise and Skin?

Okay, so yesterday we decided it would be a perfect day for yard work! We raked and bagged leaves all day. ALL. DAY.

Now, if any of you know me personally you might know I’m really not much of a “working out” person, but I do find that when I am accomplishing something physical I feel amazing (duh). After a morning of shoveling snow or an afternoon of raking leaves, it’s like yeah, that’s what it’s all about. Like, who needs a treadmill?! Lift weights? Just do THAT stuff everyday. But, I don’t so I guess I do need a treadmill. I know other cultures just don’t see the need to work out because life is a work-out. I kind of love that. But also, I kind of love modern conveniences. I’m torn.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. After I spent the day doing real physical labor, I came inside and looked in the mirror and was extremely taken aback. My skin looked amazing. I mean, if I do say so myself. I wasn’t wearing makeup (okay, I was wearing the lip stick I just bought to test it out), but my skin was glowing. It looked fresh and bright and I was just shocked. I mean, it made sense, but whoa. This might be enough to drive me to work out. Maybe.

I did some research and here’s what I found… it’s too much to paraphrase, so I’ll provide the link. Essentially, exercising DOES improve your skin’s overall health simply by increasing blood circulation (among other things). I know this is common sense, but really I just didn’t link the two things. Enjoy my findings, and the fruits of my physical labor yesterday! Heh.

Here’s Adam, Calvin and my mother bagging leaves.

❤ Christie

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Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 2

Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 2

Ugh, confession #2. Even makeup artists have bad makeup days! Is this true for all makeup artists?? I need to know myself. Because I know for me, I have days that I am dumbfounded. HOW on EARTH did I screw up my eyeliner? I do it daily, and I’m a PROFESSIONAL. Well the honest truth is this: even I have bad makeup days. Days that I try out some new eyeshadow combos and fail hard… and walk around with such atrocity on my face for the day (out of laziness, of course, because who has the time to take it off and start over??). Or even if I’m doing a look that is tried and true, my “go-to” look if you will (*cough* cat eye liner *cough*)— there are some days I still manage to flub it somehow. It’s not a regular thing, but just like that mysterious “bad hair day demon”, I’m certain there’s a “bad makeup demon”. He visits all houses, even the pros! I swear it.

So, there’s another one for ya. We are people too, and get visits from those pesky bad makeup demons from time to time!

Can I get an AMEN from any artists out there?!

❤ Christie

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Featuring Julie + Ryan <3

Okay, so this wedding may have been a ways ago (September 2012) but Julie was such a stunning bride, I had to feature her for the world to see. She is so beautiful and I love that there was such a peace about her. A calming, quiet peace. I showed up at her house at around 5:45AM, maybe the earliest I’ve ever started a wedding! It was an early ceremony, so we had to get a jump on things right away. Everyone was awake when I arrived and ready to start their beautifying process.

I love being a part of people’s big day, it is like nothing else. I’ve been a part of countless wedding mornings and they’re all unique in their own way. The bride dictates the dynamic and the rest follow suit. But one thing is for certain, nothing matters except for the fact that they will soon wed their best friend and partner. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to have some kind of role in a very exciting moment in someone’s life.

Okay, without further adieu, here are a few pictures of her wedding day makeup.









**Photos by Neil Van NieKirk. I invite you to visit his site and check out his work, he’s fab!

Julie came to me wanting something simple, natural, yet elegant. Something that would still allow her to look and feel like herself, but appropriate for her wedding day. It is a request I get very often, I’d venture to say 99% of the time. Most women feel this way, their fear is that if they don’t wear makeup normally, that somehow it would transform them into someone else! It’s my job to assess my client’s skin tone, skin type, personality and preferences and adapt the makeup to fit them while being appropriate for their wedding day. I’d say simple and clean is my style, I love to enhance natural beauty instead of covering it up. Julie was an absolute natural beauty, and I think she is just beautiful in these photos!

❤ Christie

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Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 1

Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 1

Okay, so a new series has emerged. I’ve called it “Confessions of a Makeup Artist” and it’s going to be little snippets into the brain of, well, a Makeup Artist. It’s going to be sort of a filler series, one that is ongoing but not consistent to any time frame. I tread lightly on this topic because there’s always the fear that it’s not all Makeup Artists who think these things and that I’m just weird through and through. But I might be okay with that as well.

My first confession is this. I have a tendency to sort of space out in conversations with my husband… I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a Makeup Artist problem. But, there’s more. It’s not because I’m spacey in general (which I don’t know, might be true too), it’s because I can’t help but to analyze and envision how perfect his eyes would be for makeup!! He has wonderful blueish hazel eyes and the shape of his eyelids would hold such wonderful amounts of eye shadow… not to mention his lips are perfect for lipstick! Just a little bit of color… Um… then I realize I’m being weird. Sometimes he even catches me and he’s like, “What are you… oh my God STOP!!” And then I giggle and he rolls his eyes. Boy, am I thankful for such a loving, secure husband.

But oh, if he were a woman, all the things I would do with his face… then I realize how very, very creepy that is. And wrong.

Photo by Rock Steady Images

So there you have it. A sneak peak into the brain of a Makeup Artist. Sorry Hubs <3. Makeup Artist problems…

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