Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 2

Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 2

Ugh, confession #2. Even makeup artists have bad makeup days! Is this true for all makeup artists?? I need to know myself. Because I know for me, I have days that I am dumbfounded. HOW on EARTH did I screw up my eyeliner? I do it daily, and I’m a PROFESSIONAL. Well the honest truth is this: even I have bad makeup days. Days that I try out some new eyeshadow combos and fail hard… and walk around with such atrocity on my face for the day (out of laziness, of course, because who has the time to take it off and start over??). Or even if I’m doing a look that is tried and true, my “go-to” look if you will (*cough* cat eye liner *cough*)— there are some days I still manage to flub it somehow. It’s not a regular thing, but just like that mysterious “bad hair day demon”, I’m certain there’s a “bad makeup demon”. He visits all houses, even the pros! I swear it.

So, there’s another one for ya. We are people too, and get visits from those pesky bad makeup demons from time to time!

Can I get an AMEN from any artists out there?!

❤ Christie


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  1. we all have bad days! 🙂 Im a mua too and I have had bad makeup days on myself and im like WTH?! Lol it happens, dont be so hard on yourself. everyone has room for error.

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