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The Art of the Red Lip

Okay so I have been thinking about this post for a while and finally had some time to put it into words.

Now, we all know the red lip is a bit of a bold move, a statement if you will. It is iconic, worn for years by famous actresses in Hollywood over generations but carried just as effortlessly by everyday women around the world. For me it is a boost of confidence, it makes you aware of your lips and how they tell a story about you before you even speak. But there is more to the red lip than meets the eye– it is a commitment and an art. What I mean by that is this: it’s not your average gloss or sheer lip stick that comes and goes with ease. You can’t just reapply and maintain the balance of effortless, yet flawless.

If you have tried your hand at a red lip you know it has commitment issues as well– It rarely stays put! It runs and bleeds into the fine lines around your lips and takes you from glam to messy. It’s tricky and self centered– requiring your utmost attention. It transfers onto coffee mugs and glasses and might even possibly end up on your teeth– which is the exact OPPOSITE look you’re hoping to achieve.

This brings me deeper into the commitment of the red lip. It’s not just how you apply it but how you go about your day. You literally have to change the way you wear your makeup. You can’t just drink water right out of the glass! You can’t habitually push your lips together like you do when you apply gloss! And when you eat! Ah, don’t even get me started on eating with a red lip. The behavior that coincides with a Red Lip is truly a part of this art.

Here are a few ways I realized I modify the way I go about my day according to my Red Lip!

1. I ALWAYS drink out of a straw. Coffee, water, water bottle, whatever! You’ve got to be crazy to go straight on!
2. I never order sandwiches! I generally eat things I can cut into tiny pieces and slip into my mouth with a fork or snacks that are already small like almonds. Nothing that I have to bite into ever.
3. I don’t eat anything greasy either, that is a surefire way to send that lip into a greasy, slippery mess.
4. I never push my lips together, all that does is move it around and outward (and into those fine lines). Once you apply, you let it be!
5. Master the art of the “air kiss”.
6. I am always running my tongue over my teeth to ensure there is NO red there ever. So crucial.

Okay, baby is awake. I will revisit The Art of the Red Lip at a later date! For now, stew on these facts. And, if you have anything you do in particular when you wear a red lip, let me know!


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