The 25 Days of Christie!

Hi everyone!!

It’s that time of year again– The 25 Days of Christie! If you participated last year, welcome back. If you are new to this blog series (the only blog series I will ever be consistent in writing)– welcome aboard! There are some new things and some old things, but I will explain it all below.

First, for the newbs– What is the ’25 Days of Christie’?

To recap on last year’s explanation, it started like this: My birthday is March 25th and I used to celebrate the 25 Days of Christie as a joke (because it was just too perfect). It was my way of getting more attention than just on my birthday (one day is just a tease). However, last year I decided that it would be way more fun if the 25 days of Christie wasn’t for me, but was for YOU instead!

So here is what will be going on for the next 25 days (I’m a little late to the party, so we’re at 24 days now).


Every day I will be sharing something from the “Here are a few of my favorite things” category. It ranges from makeup to hair products, skin care, nails and everything in between. Each day will be something that I love. It may be something new that I’m in love with or something I’ve loved for years and is tried and true.

On top of my favorite things, I have assigned themes to every day of the week. Here are the upcoming themes (they are slightly different from last year, some remain the same):


Sunday: Skincare Sunday! Your skin is the canvas that your makeup is applied to, if you aren’t taking care of your skin first and foremost, your overall makeup look will suffer. Let’s be in the business of enhancing our best features while covering up as little as possible!


Monday: Make-up Free Monday! Ladies, it’s important to give your skin a break every now and then and let you- be you! Take this day to go makeup-free! And! If you’re feeling brave, post your beautiful, makeup free pictures to my page! And yes, I’m challenging you to do this on a week day ;).


Tuesday: Tutorial Tuesday! I will be posting some pictorials on some makeup and hair techniques!


Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday! We all know there is a connection between what we put into our body and how it affects our skin, hair and nails. This day will be dedicated to exploring the benefits of what we consume and the outcome it has on our appearance (and over-all well-being).


Thursday: Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday during the 25 DoC I will be posting inspiring, creative, exciting or classic examples of makeup/hair from our old hollywood predecessors and beyond. I will also include some fun and interesting facts about the differences in the way makeup was made or applied.


Friday: Fabulous Friday! Ahh, Friday is fabulous for many reasons… and I’m about to give you one more. Every Friday during the 25 DoC, I will announce a product giveaway on the blog. Check here to see what you need to do in order to enter! Winners will be announced Saturday morning.


Saturday: Subject Saturday! Every Saturday during the 25 DoC I will prompt you with a subject to talk about. I want to hear about your experience with makeup, skin, products, etc and allow you to hear other people’s experiences as well. I will announce the topic and let the conversation flow!

So there you have it! Hope you’re ready for some giveaways, topics and makeup and more! Hope you have as much fun with it as I will :).


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