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The 25 Days of Christie: Day 16 and 17, St. Patty’s Day + 80’s Themed Lingerie Party??

Whoa, this is one jam packed post. I hope you’re ready for all this.

So, I missed posting yesterday (my first miss in the 25DoC so far– not bad) so I am playing catch up as well as posting some fun pictures from a party I had the pleasure of attending for a very lovely and beautiful friend of mine and wishing you all a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day.

Today is Sit-Back Sunday— and boy, do I need it. Take the opportunity to relax today, go makeup-free (at least for a couple of hours since I know you’ll all be rocking green shadow for St. Patrick’s Day). Sunday is a great chance to give yourself a face mask, throw some cucumbers on your eyes and let your skin breathe. I think I may do just that…

Yesterday was a full day. I had a makeup trial for a beautiful May bride, Linda, in the morning and then got ready for a fun filled night of Madonna, bad hair, and hot pink pants (okay, maybe I was the only one guilty of the bad hair and the hot pink pants…). Something about the 80’s and showering someone in lingerie makes me a little out of control. I may have embarrassed myself, no alcohol needed. I’m pretty sure there’s video of me somewhere leading a group of women in a “choreographed” (not really) dance to I Wanna Dance With Somebody that I pray never surfaces. However, there will be some gems circling the internet one way or another, might as well break the ice.



Oh yes, I went there. Leotard and all. Even pulled out my 1/2 inch curling iron for this. I’m thinking I might perm my hair like this regularly– only I’d 100% rock the heck out of a fro. Only in my dreams…


NOW for the favorite things that I missed!

A Few of My Favorite Things:
Day 1: Tweezerman Tweezers
Day 2: Josie Maran Argan Oil
Day 3: Christian Dior Cuticle Cream
Day 4: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
Day 5: MakeUp Forever HD Primer
Day 6: Benefit’s Benetint Tinted Lip Balm
Day 7: Buxom Full Bodied Lip Stick
Day 8: Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips
Day 9: Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara
Day 10: Essie Crystal Nail File
Day 11: Benefit’s Watts Up
Day 12: OPI Nail Lacquer
Day 13: MAC Brushes
Day 14: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask
Day 15: MakeUp Forever HD Powder
Day 16: Smith’s Rosebud Salve
Day 17: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

I love my Rosebud Salve, it is something I gift to people no matter the occasion and something I always have on hand (or three or four in various different locations around my house, car, purse, whatever). It is light, wonderful and magical. Yes, magical. I love my Dr. Lipp but this to me will never be replaced. It is also a little glossy so it gives your lips a nice shine as well as conditions and protects. Joy.

Now, my Missha BB Cream is out of this world. Out. Of. This. World. And, quite literally, out of this country since it’s sold in Korea. I know I’m insane but I’m so glad I ordered this it has not disappointed. It feels wonderful on my skin, it has light coverage but surprisingly is buildable. It treats and heals as well as protects from sun damage. I am over the moon for this product and know so many women that I’ve recommended this to that love it just as much. I have been testing out many different types of BB Cream from the states and haven’t found one that compares to my Missha.

Whew, a mouthful! Well, hubs has the flu it seems so I will be caring for my poor sniffly, achy man today. Enjoy your Sunday everyone and prepare those clicking fingers for tomorrow’s MAKEUP MONDAY GIVEAWAY!!!


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