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Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 1

Confessions of a Makeup Artist: Part 1

Okay, so a new series has emerged. I’ve called it “Confessions of a Makeup Artist” and it’s going to be little snippets into the brain of, well, a Makeup Artist. It’s going to be sort of a filler series, one that is ongoing but not consistent to any time frame. I tread lightly on this topic because there’s always the fear that it’s not all Makeup Artists who think these things and that I’m just weird through and through. But I might be okay with that as well.

My first confession is this. I have a tendency to sort of space out in conversations with my husband… I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a Makeup Artist problem. But, there’s more. It’s not because I’m spacey in general (which I don’t know, might be true too), it’s because I can’t help but to analyze and envision how perfect his eyes would be for makeup!! He has wonderful blueish hazel eyes and the shape of his eyelids would hold such wonderful amounts of eye shadow… not to mention his lips are perfect for lipstick! Just a little bit of color… Um… then I realize I’m being weird. Sometimes he even catches me and he’s like, “What are you… oh my God STOP!!” And then I giggle and he rolls his eyes. Boy, am I thankful for such a loving, secure husband.

But oh, if he were a woman, all the things I would do with his face… then I realize how very, very creepy that is. And wrong.

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So there you have it. A sneak peak into the brain of a Makeup Artist. Sorry Hubs <3. Makeup Artist problems…

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