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Photo Tutorial: Cat Eye Liner

CAT EYE LINER TUTORIAL!! Photo Credit: Michael Caiola
I know I’m a day late, this tutorial was supposed to be for yesterday’s Tutorial Tuesday! EEP! Better late than never =)


Usually I do my eyes first and the rest of my makeup after, but for the sake of the tutorial all of my makeup is done except my eyeliner and mascara!

2 3

Spray your black eyeshadow with a bit of water. I like to use eyeshadow first because it’s easier to wipe away or fix if you make a mistake.

4 5

Using a small, angled eyeliner brush dip it in your moistened eye shadow. Draw a straight line on your eye, not extending it just yet. Get as close to the lash line as possible.


Draw your angle with your liner brush and shadow.


Now fill in and connect your liner to the angle.

8 9

Using a cream liner or liquid liner in black, go over the line you just made with your eyeshadow. This will give it more impact and more staying power than eyeshadow gives.

10 11

Here’s the final product before mascara. (Sorry for my angry resting face… woops)

12 13

Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

14 15


Hope this helps some of you! I get a lot of requests for a cat eye how to!

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